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Risk Managment

Risk Management & Insurance

Tan-Jent Insurance understands that In Business & Life there are many challenges, many of which could break the bank.  As a result a question maybe is how do we limit the exposure and or mitigate those risk.: 

1) Voluntary Benefits can be that bridge and can be offered through your Employers Benefits Offerings with little to no cost to your Employer and Tan-Jent Insurance can provide the very best of solutions in the market with the Colonial Life and or Emerson Reid, Lines of Products and service.

2) Products like Cancer, Critical Illness, Disability, Dental/Vision, Accident, Hospital Confinement Indemnity and Life Insurances...  

3) If you are a Human Resources and or Benefits Director we would love the opportunity to show you how we can augment your current offerings while enhancing the value of your over all Employee Benefits offerings. 

To setup an appointment and or to ask questions please email Terrence S. Jennings at terrence.jennings@coloniallifesales.comor dial 484 320-7862 and ask for Terrence S. Jennings Managing Director and License Insurance Producer for Tan-Jent Insurance.

Voluntary and or Supplemental Benefits.

simplify your lives!  USE THE AUTHORITY IN rEAL eSTATE, iNSURANCE, risk management...

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